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GJEPC launches 15th India Diamond Week in New York, US

The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council has launched its fifteenth India Diamond Week in New York, US at the city’s Diamond Dealers Club. The business to business event presents diamonds and gemstones by 20 Indian businesses and promotes networking and business opportunities with American buyers. 

The GJEPC works to promote the Indian gem and jewellery industry internationally – GJEPC – India- Facebook

India Diamond Week launched on August 21 and runs until August 24, the GJEPC announced on its website. Located on New York’s 50 West 47th Street, the four-day event has drawn a crowd of visitors from across the US jewellery retail sector and has garnered attention from distinguished industry players, according to the GJEPC. 
The event showcases loose diamonds, coloured gemstones, and lab-grown diamonds with Indian wholesalers and dealers connecting with businesses in the US. Attendees thus far have included Ani Fine Jewelry’s brand head Ani Katchian, London Jewellers’ vice president diamond buyer Douglas Blank, Finesse Diamonds at AG Diamond’s Steven Gad, and Fine Color Gems’ Jen Stock among others. 

“The stage is set for innovation, collaboration, and the emergence of fresh opportunities in the world’s biggest jewellery-consuming market,” announced the GJEPC on its website. “The presence of esteemed marquee buyers fuels the potential for groundbreaking business prospects for the 20 Indian companies taking part.”

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