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EAM S Jaishankar addresses UN General Assembly: Key quotes | India News

NEW DELHI: Union external affairs minister on Tuesday addressed the 78th UN General Assembly session in New York, days after India successfully hosted the G20 summit in New Delhi.
Here are the top quotes from his address:
* Namaste from Bharat! Our fullest support to this UNGA’s theme of rebuilding trust and reigniting global solidarity. This is an occasion to take stock of our achievements and challenges even while sharing our aspirations and goals. Indeed, in regard to both, there is much that India has to share.
* The days when a few nations set agenda and expected others to fall in line are over.
* Respect for territorial integrity and non-interference in internal affairs cannot be exercises in cherry picking.
* Political convenience should not determine responses to “terrorism, extremism and violence”.

When we aspire to be leading power, it’s not for self-aggrandisement but to take on greater responsibility, make contributions


* Today, the world is witnessing exceptional period of turmoil. Structural inequities & uneven developments have imposed burdens on the Global South. Navigating future appears more daunting today.
* From the era of non-alignment, we have now evolved to that of Vishwa Mitra (a friend to the world).
* India’s role as Vishwa Mitra is reflected in its ability & willingness to engage with a broad range of nations and where necessary harmonise interests. It is visible in the rapid growth of the Quad; it is equally apparent in the expansion of the BRICS grouping or emergence of I2U2.
* India has lifted as many as 450 million people out of poverty.
* Growth & development must focus on the most vulnerable. At India’s initiative, the African Union was admitted as a permanent member of the G20. By doing so, we gave voice to an entire continent.
* African Union’s inclusion in G20 should inspire United Nations to also make Security Council contemporary.
* We must ensure that rule makers do not subjugate the rule takers. Rules must apply equally to all.
* When we aspire to be leading power, it’s not for self-aggrandisement but to take on greater responsibility, make contributions.

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