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S Jaishankar Calls For UN Reforms

Recognising growth and development must focus on most vulnerable, said S Jaishankar.

New Delhi:
Foreign Minister S Jaishankar addressed the United Nations General Assembly meeting today.

S Jaishankar’s Top Quotes:

  1. World seeing an exceptional period of turmoil. Occasion to take stock of challenges, aspirations, and goals.

  2. Ongoing conflicts, COVID-19 have set the world back. Our vision of one earth sought to focus on the key concerns of many not just the narrow interest of a few. Days of a few nations setting the agenda and expecting others to fall in line are over.

  3. East-West polarisation is so sharp that the G20 Summit in Delhi affirms diplomacy and dialogue as an effective solution. International order is diverse and we must cater for divergences.

  4. Recognising growth and development must focus on the most vulnerable. we began with a focus on the global south. African Union was admitted as a permanent member of the G20, – This step should inform the UN to make the Security Council more contemporary.

  5. Economic corridors and biofuels were part of the agendas at the G20 Summit. The willingness to work in an open-minded manner is now a defining characteristic of a multipolar world.

  6. India stepped forward as first responders in disasters like in Turkey or Syria. When Sri Lanka experienced an economic crisis, India came forward to help. Partners like the Pacific Islands have appreciated our help in climate action, food, and other areas.

  7. In our deliberations, India advocates for a rule-based order. From time to time, respect for the UN charter is also involved. For all the talk, it is a few nations who shape the agenda. Can’t go on indefinitely or unchallenged. 

  8. Fair democratic order will emerge once we put our minds to it. Rule makers do not subjugate rule-takers. They will be useful when applied equally.

  9. The world saw a glimpse of what was to come when Chandrayaan-3 landed on the Moon. 

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