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A Recipe for PCOS Women to Boost Their Fertility

“We found an association between the ketogenic diet and an improvement in reproductive hormone levels, which influence fertility, in women with PCOS,” said study author Karniza Khalid, M.B.B.S., M.Med.Sc., of the Ministry of Health Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. “These findings have important clinical implications, especially for endocrinologists, gynecologists, and dieticians. In addition to medical treatment, they should carefully plan and customize individual diet recommendations for women with PCOS.”

The researchers conducted a meta-analysis of clinical trials involving women with PCOS on the keto diet and examined the diet’s effects on their reproductive hormones (follicle-stimulating hormone, testosterone, and progesterone) as well as weight change.


They found that women with PCOS who followed the keto diet for at least 45 days experienced significant weight loss and improved their reproductive hormone levels. Their follicle-stimulating hormone ratio was lower, which suggests an enhanced likelihood of ovulation. Additionally, these women had lower testosterone levels, potentially aiding in managing symptoms related to excess male sex hormones, such as excess hair growth.

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