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Steady Spike in H3N2 Cases

One such case is Pinal Solanky, a 28-year-old marketing executive from Malad, and her parents, who experienced high-grade fever, body ache, and cold symptoms. They were prescribed

, and were informed about the circulation of the H3N2 strain. Although they felt better after starting the course, the cough persisted (


Dr. Umang Agarwal, an infectious disease expert at PD Hinduja Hospital in Mahim, also confirmed the prevalence of H3N2 cases, and most patients with suspected flu tested positive for it. Hospitalizations were mainly seen in individuals with comorbidities like


Despite only 61 reported H1N1 cases in July according to BMC data, doctors believe that H3N2 cases are more common, but due to the cost of testing, many are treated symptomatically. State health data on influenza also shows H3N2 dominance, with 294 cases reported in July compared to 111 H1N1 cases.


Dr. Hemalata Arora, a senior consultant in Internal Medicine at Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital-Vile Parle, observed 5-6 daily cases of Influenza A – H3N2, mainly among young college students.

This indicates rapid transmission in educational institutions and workplaces. The average incubation period for this infection is about two days following exposure, and affected individuals experience fever and body pain for three to four days.

Early medical consultation, especially within two days of symptom onset, and recommended antiviral treatment, a balanced diet, and adequate fluid intake to aid in early recovery. Individuals with pre-existing conditions like bronchitis, chronic pneumonia, or asthma should be cautious as they might experience heightened symptoms if infected.

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