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How CCTVs, Strongroom Failed To Stop Rs. 25 Crore Heist At Jewellery Store

The thieves entered from the terrace of the four-floor building.

New Delhi:

Thieves broke into a jewellery store in south Delhi’s Jangpura and escaped with ornaments worth Rs 20-25 crore. The incident occurred at Umrao Jewellers in Bhogal area between Sunday evening and this morning.

CCTV cameras were disconnected and a hole was made into the strongroom (locker) as part of the meticulous plan that led to this massive heist.

The thieves entered from the terrace of the four-floor building and reached the ground floor where the strongroom was located, officials said.

Then they drilled a hole into its wall to enter the strongroom where the ornaments were kept. Besides stealing those, they also escaped with the jewellery kept on display at the showroom.

The showroom’s owner, who had locked the showroom on Sunday evening, discovered the theft when he opened the showroom this morning. The store remains shut on Mondays.

The cops are going through whatever was recorded on CCTV before the thieves disconnected them. No one has been arrested yet.

A similar incident was reported yesterday in Haryana’s Ambala where thieves broke into a cooperative bank and stole jewellery and other valuables.

They drilled a hole in the wall using a gas cutter to enter the bank and broke open 32 lockers, police said. The theft came to light only on Monday morning since the bank was closed over the weekends.

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