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Typhoid Cases on the Rise in India

Pediatrician Dr. Nyay Gupta said, “Typhoid causes high fever, headache, weakness, discomfort, cough, fatigue and constipation. Children are more prone to it.

Severe cases can lead to intestinal bleeding, bowel perforation and meningitis that can be fatal. Urgent vaccination and prevention are essential, especially in the rainy season.”He said there are two safe and effective typhoid vaccines: a conjugated vaccine (TCV) and a non-conjugated polysaccharide vaccine (ViCPS) (

). The TCV vaccine is recommended for infants, children (6 months and older), and adults up to 45 years.It provides nearly 90 per cent protection and requires only one shot. The

needs to be taken again every three years.

A wholesale vaccine supplier in Lucknow, said ViCPS are available at Rs 200 per dose and TCV at Rs 2,000 per dose.Prof Kauser Usman of KGMU said, “About 7-8 typhoid patients visit the OPD daily and the numbers are expected to increase. Besides vaccination, one should drink clean water and avoid contaminated food.”


Prof Nishant Verma of KGMU’s pediatrics department said although the Indian government does not include typhoid vaccination in its mandatory immunization programme, the Indian Pediatrician Society recommends prioritizing children due to their developing immune systems.Dr Himanshu Chaturvedi of Balrampur hospital emphasized the importance of vaccination for individuals with compromised immune systems, such as cancer patients, transplant recipients and those with autoimmune disorders, to protect against severe complications.

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