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Medical Value Travel Plays a Key Role in Eliminating Healthcare Disparities

Paul made the remarks while speaking on the closing day of the three-day meeting of the Health Working Group of G20 India here on Friday.

Speaking on the occasion, Paul said: “There is a great opportunity for utilizing traditional medical practices like Ayurveda in Medical Value Travel sector, which is witnessing a combined annual growth rate of over 23 percent.”

At the same time, he also elaborated on the need to build a resilient and sustainable MVT framework.

“MVT could be focused on maintaining, improving, or restoring health through medical intervention instead of the common parlance of visiting another country to seek medication. It can be achieved by providing access to quality and cost-effective medical care, transparent pricing, seamless travel to medically valuable travel destinations, attaining Universal Health Coverage and ensuring low waiting time for medical treatment,” he pointed out.


Paul also highlighted four key enablers to achieve Universal Health Coverage which includes incorporating digitization and technology advancements; renewing focus on holistic healing through integrated healthcare offerings; ensuring effective quality assurance through regulation, standardization, accreditation, and streamlining of institutional procedures; and forming partnerships among stakeholders for convergence of health, hospitality, and travel services.

Emphasizing strengthening the ecosystem for MVT, Paul underscored the need for effective governance and policy framework, including setting up of dedicated board and agency for MVT.

He stressed on the need for developing standards and accreditation for healthcare facilities and Medical Travel Facilitators and called for enabling digitization in the MVT segment.

He further highlighted the need for ensuring the availability of medical insurance portability and coverage of traditional systems of medicine under insurance policies at the international level, enhancing accessibility and patient experience through a liberalized visa policy and improved air connectivity, and building capacity of healthcare enterprises and staff.

Supporting Heal in India, Heal by India and Heal from India Initiatives

Focusing on India’s efforts and vision, Paul said: “The government will be launching ‘Heal in India’ initiative to leverage its healthcare services for international patients, ‘Heal by India’ initiative to send out its healthcare workforce to other countries. He also emphasized on the huge strength of India in the telemedicine sector, which could pave the way for ‘Heal from India’ initiative.”

Source: IANS

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