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Camla Barcelona to exapnd presence with 10 new stores across India

Camla Barcelona, a fashion brand from the Jain Amar Group is planning to scale its retail presence by opening 10 exclusive brand outlets across the country. The brand’s expansion will focus on metros, tier 1, and 2 cities.

Camla Barcelona to expand presence with 10 new stores across India – Camla Barcelona

With this expansion, the brand plans to expand its reach and widen its customer base to fuel its growth in the Indian fashion brand.

Commenting on the expansion, Akhil Jain, executive director of Jain Amar Group in a statement said, “As Camla Barcelona embarks on this exciting chapter of expansion, our commitment to delivering exceptional fashion experiences remains unwavering.”

“Our focus on accessible locations, strategic partnerships, and immersive shopping experiences reflects our dedication to our customers and their evolving tastes. We are thrilled to introduce our designs to new markets while staying true to our brand identity,” he added.

Camla Barcelona currently operates three exclusive retail outlets in key cities – Indore, Chandigarh, and Ludhiana. It also has presence in over 100 shop-in-shop retail outlets and a dedicated online platform ‘Glamly’.

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