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Exciting news for book enthusiasts in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata: Know here

Penguin Random House
Image Source : FREEPIK Penguin Random House launches classic bookstores in 4 cities.

The month of October marks an exciting new milestone for Penguin Random House, as they launch their very first Classics Bookstore in four major cities across the country to observe National Book Month. With a carefully curated selection of books, Penguin Random House is bringing the classic bookstore experience to a new generation of avid readers. Penguin Classics has been running since 1946 and encompasses over 500 authors, 1,250 books, and 4,000 years of world literature.

These new bookstores, located in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata, are designed to be an oasis for lovers of literature. In Delhi, Penguin has partnered with five stores of Bahrisons, a legacy bookstore chain. In Mumbai, Penguin has joined hands with Kitab Khana, another legacy bookstore that is renowned for its location in a heritage building. In Bangalore, Penguin is collaborating with Blossoms, a beloved independent bookstore that has been a hub for book lovers for decades. In Kolkata, the partnership will be led by Starmark, one of the pioneers of large-format book retail.

Each store has been carefully crafted with plenty of bookshelves, of course! Whether you are looking for your next beach read or a classic novel to get lost in, we are sure you will find the perfect fit at one of their new Classics Bookstores. Their expert staff will also be on hand to help customers find the perfect book for them. 

The Penguin Classics Store at each of these bookstores will offer exciting merchandise and a meticulously curated selection of recommendations under various genres, including romance, queer literature, mystery, thriller, and sci-fi. These handpicked classics will attract existing and potential readers.

For the more seasoned readers, there is an exciting range of collected writings like the Penguin Book of Feminist Writing, The Penguin Book of Migration Literature, and The Penguin Book of Mermaids.

“Taking a cue from the success of our last two editions of the Penguin Classics Festival, we are launching the Penguin Classics Stores at select bookstores across the country. Classics are not just a genre; they are timeless and a perennial favourite. Over the years, these books have only grown in popularity and demand, and it is an honour and privilege, as the home to almost all the classics, that we, along with our trusted retail partners, can create a haven for book enthusiasts to indulge in the unexplored and exceptional world of literary masterpieces,” said Nandan Jha, Executive Vice President – Sales & Product and Business Development at Penguin Random House India.

As the year progresses, Penguin, in collaboration with these bookstores, plans to introduce a student volunteer programme to create Penguin Classics Store ambassadors. These passionate ambassadors will assist readers in discovering unexplored and rare literary gems, providing personalized recommendations, and fostering a sense of community within the store.

At Penguin Random House, they are passionate about connecting people with stories that move and inspire them. That’s why they are so thrilled to launch their Classics Bookstores in four major cities. They hope that these special places will become treasured spots for book lovers from all over the world.

Visit them today at one of their four Classic Bookstores and experience the joys of discovering a great read for yourself! Who knows, maybe you will even stumble across your next favourite book.

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