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Mango launches ‘Lisa’, a conversational generative AI platform

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Oct 5, 2023

Mango, the Barcelona-based fashion company, has been steadily advancing its digitalization efforts. The firm has already incorporated over 15 artificial intelligence platforms across its entire value chain. Among these is ‘Inspire’, which focuses on generating images, particularly for the design department. The latest addition to this digital transformation journey is ‘Lisa’, a cutting-edge generative AI tool for content creation and conversation.

The ‘Lisa’ platform aims to assist employees and partners – Mango

The primary objective of Lisa is to streamline processes, spanning from the development of fashion collections to post-sales service. Its conversational interface, reminiscent of Chat GPT, leverages a variety of models, including private ones tailored specifically for Mango, as well as open-source models.

“Generative artificial intelligence is an extended form of intelligence—a technology that acts as a co-pilot, enhancing the capabilities of our employees and stakeholders. It ensures technology makes us more humane in our interactions or it’s not worth pursuing,” said Jordi Álex, Mango’s director of technology, data, privacy, and security.

Lisa’s integration into Mango’s digitalization strategy aligns with the company’s history of introducing machine learning platforms (MLE) since 2018. In addition to the aforementioned ‘Inspire’, the group has launched initiatives such as Gaudí, aimed at product recommendations for customers, and Iris, operating in 60 countries and available in over 20 languages, primarily focused on improving customer service.

Founded by Isak Andic in 1984, Mango marked an impressive 20.3% increase in revenue during its 2022 fiscal year, achieving a total of €2.688 billion. By the fiscal year’s end, Mango had established a robust international presence, with operations in 115 markets through an extensive network of owned stores, franchises, collaborations with major retailers, and a thriving online channel, which currently accounts for 36% of its total revenue.

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