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Bata India launches athleisure clothing under ‘Power Apparel’

Bata India, India’s largest footwear retailer has expanded its product portfolio with its entry into the athleisure clothing market by launching its ‘Power Acti-Wear’.

Bata India launches athleisure clothing under ‘Power Apparel’ – Bata

The Power Acti-Wear range will offer a range of t-shirts, shorts & tracks that have been made with technologies like qik-dry, acti-vent, acti-stretch and feather tech.

Commenting on the launch, Olivier Heck, global athleisure brands director at Bata in a statement said, “Power Acti-Wear is not just a clothing line; it is Power’s commitment to pushing boundaries. By combining our expertise in innovation with our passion for style, we are setting up a new benchmark in the world of performance and athleisure.”

“Power is synonymous with fitness, and now with apparel, we are not just introducing clothing; we are introducing a powerful lifestyle,” Heck added.

Bata had recently launched a range of walking shoes ‘Power N-Walk’ under its ‘Power’ portfolio and plans to further strengthen it by launching innovative products in the India market.

Bata’s clothing line starting at Rs 799 ($10) onwards will be available on the brand’s website and Bata stores across the country.

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