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Mumbai Man Saved By Cops After Suicide Search On Internet Alerts Interpol

Mumbai Man Saved By Cops After Suicide Search On Internet Alerts Interpol

The man was immediately shifted to hospital by police. (Representational)


The Mumbai police saved the life of a 28-year-old man after being alert by the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) about his suicidal behaviour, the police said on Thursday.

The police were alerted by an email sent by Interpol, which stated that the man was searching on Google ‘Ways to commit a suicide’.

Taking cognizance of the matter, the police traced the mobile number of the man and found that the he was a resident of Mumbai’s Malad West and a native of Rajasthan.

“The man lived at his relative’s place in Mumbai’s Malad West as his mother has been serving jail terms in connection with a case. He worked in a private company and lost his job five or six months back. He tried looking for jobs but could not find one. On the other hand, his mother was also not getting bail. Distressed by the situation, the man suffered from Depression and googled ‘Ways to commit suicide'”, said the Mumbai police.

“The police reached the man’s place and took him to the police station. Later, the police officials made him understand after which he gave up the idea of suicide. His relative was contacted and later the man was sent home”, it added.

Earlier on Friday, the Delhi Police rescued a man who was trying to die by suicide on Instagram Live over a matrimonial dispute.

Prompt action from the police saved his life.

The person injured himself severely with blades due to which he was immediately shifted to hospital by police.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), every year 7,03,000 people take their own life.

The WHO says that suicide does not just occur in high-income countries but is a global phenomenon in all regions of the world. In fact, over 77pc of global suicides occurred in low- and middle-income countries in 2019.

Suicide is a serious public health problem; however, suicides are preventable with timely, evidence-based and often low-cost interventions. For national responses to be effective, a comprehensive multisectoral suicide prevention strategy is needed.

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