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Video Shows Car Driver Deliberately Crushing Stray Dog In Noida, Police Takes Action

Video Shows Car Driver Deliberately Crushing Stray Dog In Noida, Police Takes Action

The stray dog tried to escape but couldn’t.

A shocking video has emerged from Greater Noida that shows a car deliberately running over a stray dog. The disturbing act of animal cruelty was captured by a CCTV installed in the area. The footage angered users on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) and they tagged the Noida police demanding strict action against the culprits. Responding to the now-viral clip, the police said a case has been registered at Dadri police station and necessary action is being taken by them.

As the video starts, a stray is seen crossing the road and suddenly spots a car coming in at high speed. The dog stops to wait for the car but the driver turns it in the direction of the animal and crushes the dog.

The driver didn’t stop and is seen exiting the camera frame.

The dog, meanwhile, was thrown a few feet off the road due to the impact and is also not visible. But concerned locals are seen rushing towards the animal to see if it can be rescued.

Several users, including dog lovers and animal rights activists, slammed the behaviour of the driver and tagged Noida police as well as Peta India seeking action against the driver.

“Someone who couldn’t speak was brutally killed without any reason. Incident in Omicron-2 sector of Greater Noida,” said one user.

“Vehicles at such high speed is a nuisance for everyone, especially during morning hours when children go to school. Strict action should be taken against them,” commented another user.

Replying to some of the users, Noida police said that a case has been registered. Animal rights activist Kaveri Rana commented on the police’s post to say that the driver has been arrested.

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