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Humidity: Power demand rose 8% in H1 on humid September

NEW DELHI: Power demand increased by about 8% in the first half of the financial year due on sustained uptick in economic activities and a surge in consumption caused by unusually high humidity in August and September.
Latest government data showed consumption rising to 847 billion units (BUs) in the April-September period from 786 BU in the same period of 2022-23.
The upsurge in demand started in August as the high humidity levels across the country expanded the use of cooling appliances by households and commercial establishments.
They also said power consumption grew in August and September, mainly due to humid weather conditions and also perked up industrial activities ahead of the festive season.
The power ministry had estimated a peak demand of 229 GW during summer. But a comparatively cooler April-July period due to unseasonal rains kept consumption below expectation. Demand peaked at 241 gigawatts (GW) in September compared to 215.8 GW in the first half of 2022-23.
Untimely rains also impacted through the summer and monsoon seasons during the April-September period. Demand peaked at 224 GW in June before dropping to 209 GW in July. Consumption first peaked at 238 GW in August and went on to top 240 GW in September.

The upsurge in demand prompted the ministry to invoke special powers to mandate all imported coal-fired power plants at full capacity. It also asked domestic coal-fired power plants to import coal for blending as local supplies lagged the speed of inventory drawdown at plants.

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