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Beverly Hills Polo Club opens second Hyderabad store

US-based clothing brand Beverly Hills Polo Club has opened its second exclusive brand outlet in Hyderabad with its India retail partner Apparel Group India Private Limited. Along with bolstering the polo-inspired brand’s brick-and-mortar presence in Telangana, the new address also brings its country-wide store total to 25. 

The second Beverly Hills Polo Club store to open in Hyderabad – Apparel Group India- Facebook

“Big alert! Beverly Hills Polo Club is here at L&T Next Premia Mall, Irrum Manzil and we couldn’t be more excited,” announced Apparel Group India on Facebook, sharing photos of the new store. “This marks our second store in Hyderabad and 25th in India!”
The new store has a white and gold façade with a silhouettes of Beverly Hills Polo Club’s polo player logo. Inside the store, dark wood accents highlight the brand’s classic aesthetic and house its casual and smart casual menswear. The back wall of the store features a rainbow wall of polo shirts in the brand’s signature vibrant hues. 

Beverly Hills Polo Club has recently opened stores in locations including Surat, New Delhi, Pune, Kochi, Ranchi, Calicut, and Bengaluru. The brand was founded in 1982 and markets itself as an affordable luxury brand. As well as India, the brand has stores across the globe including in the UAE, Egypt, and Turkey among others. Beverly Hills Polo Club’s aesthetic is inspired by both the glamour of Beverly Hills in the US and the heritage sport of polo.

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