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Virgio’s shopping app goes live with pre-loved marketplace

Circular fashion-tech startup Virgio has launched a shopping app to enable customers to purchase apparel on their mobile phones. The app also features educational resources on sustainable fashion and a curated marketplace for buying and selling pre-loved clothing. 

A look from Virgio’s Safari-inspired collection – Virgio- Facebook

“Virgio is committed to reshape the fashion industry by promoting the principles of a circular economy,” announced the brand in a press release. “By embracing fabrics that are long lasting and less harmful to nature along with pre-owned fashion and encouraging conscious consumption, Virgio empowers individuals to contribute to a more pro-planet future.The app is now available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. Join the movement towards circular fashion and be part of the change today!”
The shopping app is designed to have a user-friendly interface to make shopping more enjoyable while promoting the concept of circular fashion. App users can read tips on how to care for their clothing in an eco-friendly way and see how their garment was made to promote transparency. 

The app’s marketplace for pre-loved clothing is part of Virgio’s “Product, Process, Planet” brand philosophy, according to the label. By facilitating the re-use of pre-loved clothing, the brand aims to create a fully circular economy. 
The brand held its first pop-up at Soho House, Virgio announced on Facebook on November 20. By holding an in-person event, the label was able to give shoppers the chance to try on garments and get a real feel for the collection. 

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