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Delhi airport’s main CAT III runway finally back in operation from today. india business news

New Delhi: At last stop foggiest winters CAT III B Runway 28/10, the backbone of Delhi airport over the years, is finally back in operation from February 3 after a delay of a month. Re-carpeting of the runway began after the G20 ended last September and it was expected to be back in business by the end of December. However, there were a number of delays such as work stoppages due to increased pollution and power-light problems in what was the foggiest winter in many years – leading to unprecedented flight delays and diversions in India’s busiest aviation hub. What happened, which had consequential effects. On the airlines’ network.
“GMR-led Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) on February 3 announced the completion of re-carpeting and renovation work of Runway 10/28. The runway has been cleared by Air Traffic Control (ATC) for commercial operations from February 03, 2024. ) has been handed over to DIAL. DIAL had commenced the much-needed re-carpeting work of the 3,813 meter long and 45 meter wide runway in mid-September 2023, just after the conclusion of the historic G20 summit, DIAL said in a statement.
“The re-carpeting work of the runway was completed in December 2023, following which Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) operations were commenced. DIAL rehabilitated Runway 10/28 for better passenger experience including the addition of some additional taxiways. On completion of the rehabilitation work, Delhi airport will be future ready to operate at its full capacity,” DIAL says. The capacity of the IGIA terminals will increase to 10 crore passengers per annum (CPA) and the airport will The capacity will increase to handle 14 CPAs.
Delhi airport has four runways and three terminals.
DIAL says it carried out re-carpeting work, which included milling the entire length of the runway
Covering it with polymer modified bitumen (PMB). Polymer-modified bitumen (PMB) is bitumen combined with one or more polymer materials to enhance the mechanical properties of
Bitumen content. PMB can withstand heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions.

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