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‘British workers barely work, they go to the pub’: Apollo Tires owner

New Delhi: In a witty comment on opening factories in Britain, Neeraj Kanwar, head of Apollo Tyres, said he would not like it. Manufacturing in UK As British workers “Hardly work – they go to the pub”, the Daily Mail reports, adding that “there is no incentive to move to the UK”.
Highlighting the incentives given by other countries, the Managing Director of Apollo Tires said, “Hungary gave us incentives, cost of labor is very competitive, and then cost of making It becomes very easy.”
He added, “And you know what the workforce is like in the UK. They barely work – they go to the pub.”
Calling it a “policy issue”, the 52-year-old added, “I think because of government policies, people can get pension sitting at home, and they don’t have to work, and that’s a big policy issue. “
The company, which employs approximately 18,000 people globally, has a team of 30 people in the UK who manage the company’s corporate affairs. However, as Daily Mail reports, one of its innovation hubs is in the UK, while the other is in Hyderabad.
Kanwar, who also owns an Italian restaurant in London, has seven factories across the world but is yet to see a single factory in the UK.
The company is a long-term sponsor of Manchester United.

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