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Elon Musk supports lawsuit against Disney over ‘Mandalorian’ firings

ELON musk Mixed martial artist-turned-actor Gina is funding a lawsuit against The Walt Disney Company caranoWho claims she was unfairly fired from the hit series The Mandalorian over social-media posts criticized as anti-Semitic and transphobic.
Carano’s lawsuit, filed Tuesday in federal court in Los Angeles, claims Disney and Lucasfilm Ltd. violated California law in eliminating her from the Star Wars spinoff in February 2021 because of her political views. She also said that the action against her was discriminatory because her male co-stars on the show were not punished equally for making political statements.
“A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, the Crusaders made it clear that there was only one orthodoxy in thought, speech or action acceptable in their empire, and those who dared to question or adhere to it completely Those who fail to do so will not be tolerated. ,” Carano’s lawyers said in the lawsuit. “And it was the same with Carano.”
Disney and Lucasfilm did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Then-Disney CEO Bob Chapek addressed Carano’s dismissal at a March 2021 shareholder meeting, saying that the company stood for “values ​​of respect, values ​​of decency, values ​​of integrity, and values ​​of inclusion.”
Many of Carano’s controversial posts were on X, formerly known as Twitter. Musk offered to provide legal representation to those fired from his job in August over statements made on X. The company said Tuesday that it is honoring that commitment by supporting Carano’s lawsuit.
Carano was fired shortly after a February 10, 2021, Instagram post in which she suggested that conservative supporters of former President Donald Trump were being treated like Jews during the Holocaust. But that followed a lengthy series of Twitter posts in which she expressed strong views on COVID vaccines, gender identity and the outcome of the 2020 election.
The X’s support for Karano came after months when Musk was criticized for widely supporting the post -anti -Jewish post. The billionaire said he agreed with the post which accused Jewish communities of “promoting hatred against white people by claiming people should stop using hatred against them.” Musk later apologized for the post.
The actor, who previously played roles in Deadpool and the Fast & Furious films, plays a member of the Rebel Alliance named Cara Dune. According to their suit, Dune was so popular that Disney was planning a spinoff centered on the character called Rangers of the New Republic. Carano was to star in the new show and be paid a base compensation of between $150,000 and $250,000 per episode under a six-year contract.
Carano claims that, following her February 2021 post, she was not brought back for season three of The Mandalorian, and the new show was shut down. She did not say how much compensation she was seeking, but said she suffered millions of dollars in damages. Carano is also demanding to be reinstated to her former position.
In her suit, Carano highlighted social-media posts by her Mandalorian co-stars, including lead actor pedro pascal, noting that he had previously compared Trump to Hitler and the treatment of migrants at the border to genocide. He noted Trump’s continued criticism of conservatives mark hamillLuke Skywalker Actor who made a memorable guest appearance in The Mandalorian season two finale.
“While Carano was fired, defendants took no action against male actors who took similar or more forceful and controversial positions on social media,” she says in her lawsuit.

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