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GREL launches electric cab service in Pune

Pune: In response to the growing interest electric vehicles (EVS) across the country, based in Pune Ride-hailing startup GREL has introduced a sub electric cab service in city. grell The company is co-founded by Mayank Gupta and Sarthak Bansal, a statement issued by the company said.
“Currently operating primarily from Pune airport, we plan to expand our fleet by adding 300 more electric cars by the end of 2024,” GREL CEO Bansal said in the statement.
The company also intends to set up four additional hubs within the city, promising Pune commuters a futuristic and impressive inner city cab ride experience.
GREL stands out in the market due to its commitment to environmental responsibility and addressing common issues faced by customers using traditional taxi services. Seeing the increasing demand for electric vehicles in India, the duo decided to start this venture to contribute to the EV revolution.
The statement said that the GREL app provides users with a seamless platform to book electric cabs while differentiating them from competitors with its unique features. “The company aims to solve prevalent issues such as frequent ride cancellations and unfair pricing, thereby ensuring a reliable and fair transportation experience for customers. The company aims to implement zero cancellation, zero surge pricing policy and clean and safe electric Also offers a fleet of cars.” Bansal said.
Till date, GREL has completed more than 8000 trips covering a distance of more than one lakh fifty thousand kilometres. In particular, the company’s commitment to an all-electric fleet has prevented more than 15,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions.

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