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Akasa is preparing to start international flights from next month

New Delhi: India’s youngest airline Akasa to take off in August 2022 international flights From next month, The low-cost airline, which has bilateral services to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, will fly between Mumbai and Qatar four times a week. Doha From March 28, 2024. Since the bilateral is fully utilized for Dubai, Akasa There is no permission to fly there right now.
“Akasa Air has become the first Indian airline to fly abroad in a record period of 19 months since its inception,” the airline says. Akasa is the first airline to fly abroad under the government’s relaxed 0/20 rule – under which an Indian carrier must have a fleet of at least 20 aircraft to fly abroad. The earlier rule was 5/20, which mandated an airline to be in operation for at least five years, in addition to the unchanged fleet requirement of 20.
Vinay Dubey, Founder and CEO of Akasa, said: “We are delighted to announce international operations with the launch of Doha, our first destination for our growing network. The launch of four flights a week connecting directly to Mumbai, will further enhance the passenger experience. Will cater to a diverse group.” On behalf of both countries, to facilitate tourism, commerce and strengthen bilateral relations.”

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