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Simple steps to merge multiple EPF accounts UAN

multiple mergers epf account UAN: When employees change jobs, they can have multiple UANs universal account number (UAN). Merging all your old UANs with the new UAN can help avoid potential harm, UAN It is a unique 12 digit number given by the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). This should ideally remain the same throughout your career, even if you change jobs.
Why multiple UANs?
A new UAN can be given to an employee for different reasons. For example, while changing jobs, if the previous employer does not provide the member ID and UAN, the new employer can register a new UAN and EPF account. Sometimes, if the last working day by the former employer is not included in the electronic challan and return (ECR), the new organization may allot a new UAN to the employee.
Merging EPF accounts with UAN
Using Universal Account Number (UAN), individuals can merge their multiple EPF accounts into one. By providing UAN to the new employer while registering the EPF account in a new company, funds can be transferred from the old employer accounts to the new account. However, if a new UAN is generated by the new organization, all the UANs should be merged into one, the ET report said.
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How to merge two or more UANs online?
Follow these steps to merge multiple EPF accounts online:

  1. Visit Member Services Portal:
  2. Select ‘One Member – One EPF Account (Transfer Request)’ in the ‘Online Services’ tab.
  3. Review your personal details and the current EPF account information where the transfer will take place.
  4. To transfer the old account, get it verified from the previous or present employer. Choose Current Employer Verification for faster processing. Enter the old member ID (previous PF account number or UAN) and click on ‘Get Details’ to view your previous EPF account information.
  5. Click on ‘Get OTP’ and enter the one-time password sent to your registered mobile number. Submit OTP to proceed further.

After completing these steps, your request for merger of EPF accounts will be successfully submitted. Your current employer will need to approve the merger request. Once approved, EPFO ​​officials will process your previous EPF accounts and merge them with the current account. Keep checking the portal for updates on the status of the merger.
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important points to remember
Remember, your old EPF accounts need to comply with KYC requirements to submit the online request. If you have multiple old EPF accounts, each merger request should be submitted separately.
Alternatively, you can email with your existing and new UAN. EPFO will verify the information given to resolve the issue. Your previous UAN will be deactivated, while your current UAN will remain active.
Now you have to submit a claim to transfer the EPF account linked to the inactive UAN to the new active account.

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