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Antar-Agni opens first flagship store in Kolkata

Designer Ujjawal Dubey’s clothing brand Antar-Agni has opened its first flagship store in Kolkata. The vintage themed store measures 900 square feet and is located on the city’s Sarat Bose Road.

Inside Antar-Agni’s Kolkata store – Antar-Agni

The new store is Antar-Agni’s second flagship store to date and launched with a limited edition ‘made-for-Kolkata’ festive wear collection, Antar-Agni announced in a press release. The store’s interior is designed to preserving the traditional colonial vibe of the space while highlighting Antar-Agni’s conceptual collections and features a central room which branches off into smaller, more personal enclaves. 
“I love how Kolkata as a city has held onto its old-world charm while having its feet firmly in the 21st century,” said Ujjawal Dubey about his brand’s new store in a press release. “When we conceptualised this store, I wanted to extend that partnership of time and space into our store. Minimalism meeting old world charm is seen in small details across the space including the original mosaic tiles we retained from the structure that forms a foundation of more eclectic pieces like an Origami snake lamp that runs along the ceiling.” 

Ujjawal Dubey launched Antar-Agni in 2014 and the brand is known for its non-conformist and un-gendered silhouettes, as well as Dubey’s experimental use of textiles. The brand also retails from its flagship store in New Delhi, direct to customer e-commerce store, and through multi-brand stores such as Aza and Ensemble. 

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