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Asaya launches as new skincare brand for melanin rich skin

Entrepreneurs Neeraj Biyani, Vikash Singhal, Mandeep Bhatia, and Eeti Sharma have launched ‘Asaya’ as a new skincare brand designed specifically for melanin rich skin. The brand has debuted with two product ranges and a direct to customer e-commerce store. 

Asaya’s maiden product launch – Asaya

Asaya aims to provide skincare for Indian skin tones while conceptualising and formulating its products in Florida, US, the new brand announced in a press release. Asaya’s debut lines are ‘Under One Sun’, a line of sun protection products, and ‘Running Deep’, a hydration range. 
“Melanin-rich skin like ours is structurally different from other skin tones,” said Asaya’s research board head Dr Arundathi Nagaraj in a press release. “For instance, it’s much more sensitive, and care for it needs to be hypoallergenic. So, products meant for Caucasian skin tend to be harsh for us. At Asaya, we have tirelessly worked to ensure our formulae are melanin-first, and our products are designed for Indian skin’s specific needs.”

The brand’s first launches have gone live on its e-commerce store as well as on multi-brand platforms Amazon, Big Basket, JioMart, and Flipkart. Products are priced from Rs 449 and are all vegan and cruelty-free, Phthalate-free, and Sulphate-free. 
“Waking up one day with adult acne and being unhelpfully prescribed Eurocentric products made for fair skin showed me the gap in the market for products designed for melanin-rich skin like mine,” said Asaya’s co-founder Eeti Sharma. “I knew I had to take action to fill the void myself, for me and countless others like me experiencing these difficulties. Asaya is a thoroughly researched initiative determined to bring forth melanin-first imagination, conversation, and formulation that has sorely been missing in the world of skincare.”

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