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Uttar Pradesh to Introduce Triple Drug Therapy

Out of them, 660 suffer from hydrocele while the remaining 2,891 are lymphoedema patients. He said 555 people suffering from hydrocele have been operated successfully and the rest are to be operated. The medicine should not be administered to children below two years of age, pregnant women and very seriously ill persons.To achieve the 100 percent target, 616 supervisors will be touring in the area, he said.

Nityanand Thakur, zonal coordinator, WHO said the disease is also known as Elephant’s foot and its complete cure is not possible and can be controlled by cleaning and exercising the part affected by the disease. In such a situation, if antimalarial drugs are used continuously once in a year for three years during the TDA campaign, this serious disease can be avoided.District malaria officer A.K. Singh said that anti-filarial drugs are completely safe. Although they do not have any adverse effect, yet if someone has symptoms like vomiting, dizziness, itching or nausea after taking the medicine, it is a sign that the parasite of filariasis is present in that person’s body (2 Trusted Source
Lymphatic filariasis

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