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Uttar Pradesh Allows Diabetic Kids to Carry Insulin to School

In addition, the child may participate in sports as per medical advice.Medical equipment will be permissible to be taken in examination halls, said the government spokesman.Children suffering from Type-1 diabetes who are appearing in school exams and other competitive exams can be given a few exemptions.

These include the permission to carry sugar tablets with them, keeping medicines, fruits, snacks, drinking water, some biscuits, peanuts, dry fruits with the teacher in the examination hall so that they can be given to the children during the examination if required.The staff should allow children to take their glucometer and glucose test strips to the examination hall, which can be kept with the invigilator or teacher. Additionally, children should be allowed to test blood sugar and consume the above items as needed.


If a smartphone is required for their reading, then this smartphone can be given to the teacher or invigilator for monitoring the blood sugar level.India has the highest number of children suffering from Type-1 diabetes in the world.

People suffering from Type-1 diabetes need to take insulin injection three to five times a day (1 Trusted Source
Diabetes and insulin

Go to source) and sugar test three to five times and negligence of any kind in this can be damaging for both physical and mental health of a student. Children spend one-third of their time in schools, so it is the duty of schools to ensure special care for children suffering from Type-1 diabetes.

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