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Oldest mother of Africa: 70-year-old African woman gives birth to twins

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Becoming a mother at the age of 70 is not easy for anyone. But a woman named Safina Namukwaya from Uganda made this impossible possible. With her willpower, she managed to attain the happiness of motherhood even at the age of 70. This proves that with the help of medical science, any woman can fulfill her dream of motherhood, no matter what age she is. At the age of 70, she gave birth to twins with the help of IVF technology, after which she has now become the oldest mother in Africa. 

Safina gave birth to a son and a daughter on November 29. The team of doctors said that both mother and child are healthy and they also added that becoming a mother at this age is no less than a miracle.

What is vitro fertilization technique?

This 70-year-old woman named Safina Namukwaya had taken fertility treatment to have a child. She used IVF i.e. in vitro fertilization technique. In this, eggs taken from a donor and her husband’s sperm were mixed. Becoming a mother at the age of 70, with the help of fertility treatment and medical technology, has been a great achievement for Namukwaya. It was a happy moment for the couple when they held their two healthy children in their arms.

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Why did Namukwaya want to become at this age?

According to reports, this was the second time Namukwaya wanted to become a mother. Earlier she had given birth to a daughter in the year 2020. It has also been told in the media report that Namukwaya was made fun of a lot for not having children. Because of this, the desire to become a mother arose in her. “I always took care of other people’s children, saw them grow up, and then they left me alone. I was always afraid of who would take care of me when I grew old,” she told the regional press. 

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