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New brand Boito partners with weaving communities in Odisha to preserve handloom traditions

Womenswear brand Boito has collaborated with a number of weaving communities in Odisha to preserve their handloom traditions. The new brand has begun to exhibit the garments made through these partnerships with recent events in Bhubaneswar and Mumbai. 

A Boito model (left) with a woman from Odisha (right), both wearing Boito coats – Boito- Facebook

After debuting its first collection, Boito is gearing up to launch its direct to customer e-commerce store, according to its website homepage. The label has launched with a range of wearable, fusion style garments made from indigenous textiles from numerous communities in Odisha and is designed to preserve the artistry of these communities while offering versatile womenswear. 
The brand held an exhibition at Khotachi Wadi in Girgaum, Mumbai titled ‘Boito: Embracing Odisha’s Textile Legacy’ from December 1 to 3 to showcase its handloom creations, Boito announced on Facebook. Curated by Anshu Arora, the event presented the brand’s first collection of garments while giving the backstory of their creation. 

The brand is keen to show its close links to textile heritage and its preservation. In November, Boito had held its first exhibition at the Kala Bhoomi Odisha Crafts Museum in Bhubaneswar, the brand announced on Facebook. The showcase presented Boito’s garments alongside an artistic exhibit of Odisha’s indigenous textiles.
“Through my travels, I saw first-hand how textile-making is a central focus of indigenous family life,” Boito’s founder Richa Maheshwari told Vogue India. “Despite the magic in their textiles, these weavers struggle to make ends meet. I had to find a way to keep these art forms alive. Boito was harvested from this original objective- to set afloat a collaborative platform that empowers artisans without disrupting their unhurried way of life.”

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