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Cover Story opens exclusive brand outlet in Pune

Womenswear brand Cover Story has opened an exclusive brand outlet in Pune to retail its full range of trend-driven western casual and occasion wear. Located inside Phoenix Mall of the Millennium, the store launched with Cover Story’s autumn collection.

Cover Story has a new address in Pune’s Phoenix Mall of the Millennium in Wakad – Phoenix Mall of the Millennium- Facebook

“A chic arrival at Mall of the Millennium,” announced the mall on Facebook. “Cover Story at Mall of the Millennium is set to enhance your wardrobe with timeless grace and sophistication. Your fashion odyssey starts right here.”
Cover Story has opened a number of brick-and-mortar stores recently and launched its third brick-and-mortar store in Mumbai to date in mid-September. The exclusive brand outlet is located inside the metro’s Phoenix Market City mall in Kurla.

Cover Story launched in 2016 as part of Cover Story Clothing Limited. The business is owned by Reliance Retail Ventures Limited and its clothing is conceptualised at a design studio located in London, UK. 
Phoenix Mall of the Millennium opened its doors to the public on September 1 this year. Located in Wakad, Pune, the mall is built on a 15-acre land parcel and houses a wide range of Indian and international fashion and beauty brands including Da Milano, Bonkers Corner, Celio, Inglot, Bagline, and Bath & Body Works among others, according to the mall’s website.  

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